Theatre – Acrobatic clown acts

Milano Clown Festival 2009 – Jury Prize

Friday the 9th, 9pm, Saturday the 10th, 5pm, and Sunday the 11th of August, 4pm

Salon Bleu

All audiences, from ages 8+

Length: 1h15

With their unfettered imagination and their limitless fun-filled minds, these circus artists go beyond the genre’s expectations. They speak the language of surprising acts and formidable face expressions … Their perfect understanding of each other allow them to act with a lot of finesse. France 2 Culture


A not-to-be-missed show, to (re)discover with family or friends.

They think they have perfect bodies and fancy themselves fit and handsome superstars … Dressed with plain underpants and black boots, the Okidok clowns are about to serve us another barrel of laughs. Hyperactive, full of poetry and completely off the charts, the two of them don’t hesitate to play with clumsiness just to wow us with brazen acts, even bordering on recklessness. With their unfettered imagination and a limitless longing for fun, they transgress expectations and defy gravity. Get ready, because they’re determined to impress you with a showcase of their craziest abilities!

The energetic duo Okidok (Ha Ha Ha) is back with Slips Inside, a hilarious show. Mime, acrobatics, onomatopoeias, …

Price 2

Price 3 « Amis »/ »Friends » (4 people and more)

Price 6 « Famille »/ »Family » (2 adults + 2 children)

Creation, interpretation and staging: Xavier Bouvier and Benoît Devos

An OKIDOK production – Co-produced with the Maison de la Culture de Tournai, the PLÖT, the Foyer socio-culturel d’Antoing – With the assistance of the Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service du Cirque, des Arts forains et des Arts de la rue.

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