Musical show

Thursday the 15th, 9pm, Friday the 16th of August, 8.30pm

Salon Bleu

Lenght : 1h15

Cheekiness, banter and the American Dream in the fifties are here put to life by two gentle but brazen women.


Ellis Island, 1950.

Two sisters and their pianist, fresh off the ferry, are ready to do everything it takes to make it in the New World.

Satin, fur and sunglasses on, they scour through bars and music-halls, as sophisticated and debauched rogues. From Bernstein to Gershwin or Cole Porter: standards or hidden gems of music inspired by the African-American rhythms will appear full of tenderness and humour, a celebration of those times of emancipation and cultural exchange.

With the mastery of its two operatic singers/comedians, and an off-the-charts jazz pianist, this Trio full of energy audaciously mixes classical music with jazz. This show/gig, halfway between a musical and a cabaret show, brings the standards to a new life and tackles the American way of life with a scathing humour.

This incredible triumvirate gathers contralto Sarah Laulan – third prize winner of the Reine Elisabeth contest in 2014 – and soprano Julie Mossay, two prestigious operatic singers that regularly tour Europe in different opera roles. With them, Johan Dupont, a piano prodigy, a wonderful shapeshifter who’s able to blur the limits of music and go beyond musical genres. Following the success of Juke-Box Opera last summer, Julie Mossay, Johan Dupont and their accomplice take us on a journey to the heart of the American musical.

Price 2

By and Starring Julie Mossay (soprano), Sarah Laulan (contralto) and Johan Dupont (piano)

Directing: Édouard Signolet

Produced by Wooha ASBL

Pic © Jean-Fabian Leclanche

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