Children’s theatre

Thursday the 15th, Friday the 16th of August, 3.30 pm – Salon Gris

All audiences, from ages 4+

Length: 50 minutes

“BiZAR” (“WEiRD”), did you say weird? Try this out one day: take your kids out to see one of the Théâtre des 4 Mains’ creations – it’s a guarantee that they’ll roll off their chairs laughing. As if they’d never parted ways with the child in them, these artists manage to create for the audience snippets of pure delight. Catherine Makereel – Le Soir

It happens in a weird old lady’s apartment. She navigates in it, between her paintings, her furniture and her deathless television. Her drawers are full with a bunch of stuff she can’t get rid of, because these items have the power to take her anywhere. They’re alive, and keep her company. But sometimes, these objects are a bother, and that annoys her … That’s when a young repairman barges in her little world. He opens the dressings, plugs in the outlets, but nothing goes according to his plans!

BiZAR is a playful and musical play, a surreal choreography with few words; it’s full of weird and surprising sounds and images. This story gets rid of all preconceived ideas!

Price 5

Collective Creation

Staging: Marie-Odile Dupuis – Starring Kristin Arras, Marc Weiss – Music and sound atmosphere: Bo Spaenc

Co-produced by Théâtre des 4 Mains/De Kolonie MT

Pic © Ger Spendel

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